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Bangkok in February part 2

Posted by Nyomie at 3/01/2010 08:29:00 am
day 2,,

morning all,.,i think dats the best word that i should say. because of what???? since i had to wake up at 5am T.T. me and my cousin's friend, his name is Wi, will go to morning market, we called it "Bo Bae". then, at 6am, i went there by bus. only two of us go since Faisol need to have interview this afternoon.

when we reached there, many of the sellers wasn't open yet.hoooo. i think we arrived too early. after that we decided to have breakfast first in nearby muslim society place. so, we could eat halal food.yep, maja maja (korean language = right right)...many muslims there and the food absolutely halal.

so full already, then we continue our journey. then, we went to CIMB Thai, i had to take money coz i didn't have enough money T.T but what the staffs said to me???? "You can't withdraw money in here" wat the fuck bgt g si?? same company, only a bit different in name, how come can't take money??? i felt really stress and just want to go back UUM T.T

anyway, we stll had sightseeing in the market. and he bought a lot of things. actually i confused now, he accompanied me to shop or me accompanied him??? big question!!!

what ever la, i bought t-shirt for my roommate and also shirt for my daddy and skirt for me yey!!! since i run out of money, so i couldn't buy more T.T hoo shit la.

then we went to MBK because one of my ASEAN friends, Pap, already waiting for me. we took tuk-tuk, so we arrived faster.

finally i met Pap. hoo pap..miss u so much!! he looked different. long hair. hohohoho. then we thought first, we wanted to go where after this.

only me and Pap go. pap took me to many Thai temple and also palace. i almost forgot every place's name. i'm so sorry Pap, it was too difficult for me to remember it T.T however, make sure that later on when i come here again, i will go to Rattanakosin because we have to pay 350 bath, so expensive, until at that time we decided not to go in.

but the most impressive place that i feel is Medical Museum. is it strange?? i came to thailand for this?? hoo...Pappy...

first time, he told me about that museum, i already felt scary T.T why??? since everything in that museum is true!!! HUMAN BODY that already cremated. oh God. however, pap really enjoyed coming to this museum

after that we had luch together in nearby boat station. it was very nice view. and finally i ate thai food. yippiiieee tom yam kung, and dunno the name T.T but really aloy na(thai language = delicious).

we already full then, we moved to another temple which has a big Buddha there. nice. i saw Jongwoo's pic in here last year, that's why i wanna come here.

the last temple that we go was wat arun, but we didn't go in since other ASEAN friends already waiting for us. so we need to palli palli(korean language= hurry up) to go MBK.

we took sky train to reach there, i almost slept in the train, because too tired but really fun!

when we arrived in MBK, we straight go to Japanese resto in 6 floor. hoo...finally i met KITTI, SO, HYo Jin (my korean ever crazy friend!!), Kam, Hyo Jin's friend and last batch student. watta nice day, i could meet all of them except Bow T.T I MISS THEM MUCH, especially So, my best ever rumet, luv u So ^__^ i miss everything that we do together everyday.

right after we ate our dinner, we went to night market and do what??? shop and eat again. hahahaha...watta crazy nite???

already 10pm, so we decided to go back. i also couldn't stand anymore. so and me went back together by taxi. so took me until my dorm, then she went to her dorm. so..kop kun ka (thai language =thank you).

see you in the next day...

special thanx for : Ekachai Boonsathienwong (pap) who already accompanied me all day,, i didn;t notice it was our first meeting and last meeting T.T i'm so sorry pap, because of me you came home very late, well thanx so much for everything..i'll miss u,,but now already,, come la??
by the way, thanx also for your postcard, your dream came true,,i went to meet u in Bangkok already ^___^ love you, too pap


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