Sunday, 29 March 2009


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sumpah yah hari ini
shitttt bgt
smuanya itu sama ajah
semuanya itu cma bikin gw bt bgt
napa sih??
ahhhhhhhh sucks idup gw

ga dari kecil mpe sekarang pun kaya gtu
apa gw ga bsa nenangin diri gw selama 10 bulan aja dsini?
knapa malah makin banyak masalah sihh??

gw dah berusaha dari kecil untuk survive
untuk bsa kaya sekarang
knapa skrg gw ga boleh nikmatin itu??
apa itu salah?

gw kerja keras dapet itu semua dari semenjak gw nginjek di bangku tk
gw korbanin umur gw 1 tahun byr gw bsa masuk skolah yg..ahhh..membuat gw jadi telat masuk kuliah
n telat2 yg lainnya

gw les disana-sini mpe malem cma buat dpetin apa yg gw mau
lo pikir gw ga cape apa?

tp gw seneng
skrg gw dapet apa yg gw mau
gw cma mau ngerasa bahagia disini
then when gw balik
gw bsa siap untuk kerja keras lg mempertahankan apa yg dah gw punya
lo kira itu gampang apa?
salah bgt

makasih dah buat hari gw jadi semakin hancur
padahal sebelum ini
udah amat sangat hancur

Thursday, 26 March 2009

very windy today

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don't know why today there is so much wind
that makes the weather become very cold
it's about 6 degrees celsius

i dont know tomorrow
said that tomorrow the weather will be -1 degrees
i'll be freezee

my life today is so interesting
i got the lovely lecturer
she is nice and beautiful
i love her,,her nick name is chujo
she is my java lecturer

it makes me to stay in class
i dont want go anywhere when she talks
i really want to concentrate her lecture

after class i go to my room
to take a rest

at 3.10 pm
my buddy called me
he said that he wanted to come to my room with his friend
i said "ok, u can come. i have nothing to do now"

then i went to hendro's room to take pisang sale from bandung
i love it,,it's very delicious

at 3.30 pm
my buddy with his friend came
and we had interesting talk
his friend is a little bit cute, but his english isn't too good, so i couldn't talk to him much
oohhhhh......but, he's single..ahay.....i love this

i made them tea [sariwangi tea which is the delicious tea, i think]
then we ate pisang sale and some snack that they brought for me
oohhhh...they are so kind
u know what??

they said that it was nice if we bring some food to the person if we want to go to his/her house.
it's a new culture that i learn this afternoon
they said "it's polite if u bring something"

we talked about many things
about indonesia, but mostly korea
coz i really want to know more about korea
it's my chance to have more knowledge now
so i don't want to waste my time here

also, i learned hanguel from them
ahhh....they are nice teacher

hmmm...they like pisang sale much.....
so i gave them 1 plastic of pisang sale
and also 1 indomie
i asked them to try indonesian noodle
and they said "wew....i'll try it. thank u so much. later, i'll give u the best korean noodle "
well i was so happy to hear that because they accepted my gift even if it isn't too much

at 6pm
they came home
then i went to the cafetaria to have dinner
after that i was back to my room and did my essay

but unfortunately, i couldn't make it since i still blur with the topic
i searched in the internet and got the best book
hmm..maybe tomorrow i'll read more and write something coz on 30 march, i have to submit it

i have to make it
i want that job
work for United Nations
it'll become my biggest chance and also experience in my life
4WI please stays beside me
give me more strength and also knowledge to do it

thanx 4WI

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

very cold,,tired,,hmm....

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it's very cold this morning

last night
i had to wear jacket when i slept
use 3 blanket and also socks
but u know???
it still very cold

i don't know the temperature
maybe 0.0 degrees

i woke up at 8 am
then i prepared to have breakfast

today's menu isn't very good
i just could eat kimchi and vegetables
after breakfast, i went back to my room to sleep
but Ms. Che from intl office called to my room
we had to come to intl office coz we would have welcome greeting from Mr.Pyo
also we had Future Asia class

i didn't know that our class was move into this day
i was sleep in class coz i was very tired and also sleepy

after that class we went to office to take our atm card
then we had our lunch

today's lunch menu is very delicious
octopus,,kimchi,,vegetables,,mie soup,,curry

i was already full...
and i'm ready to go to class

we walked to bulding number 2
we got computer architecture class here
our lecturer is very nice
i'll take this subject because i can transfer it
but this isn't my major subject

1.30 pm
the class was over
then i went back to my room
i prayed then online for a while
then sleep

at 3.15 pm
i went to the class
but i walked alone T.T
all my friends already gone.

now, i have data communication class
again, we got a nice lecturer

after the class done
we had small discussion
about the group for future of asia
then we went back to room

i prayed first
then i went to cafeteria with fia to have dinner
out dinner a little bit delicious

but suddenly hendro talked to me about our lunch
u know what??
the curry contains pig
oohh shittt..
i didn't notice it
i thought it just same like curry in malaysia

also, he asked me not to eat the soup
since it was made from pig
so many food contains pig
i don't know how to eat

but i just eat whatever that i can eat
i don't want to be sick here
i really don't want

after eat, me, fia, and other thai people went to the mini market to buy snack
but we couldn't find any good snack
so we went to 7 eleven

i just bought bread
then back to room
everyone came to my room
very noisy but i like it

then i took a bath and also washed my clothes
well....very tired today

i just got my application form to apply internship in UN-APCICT
i want to do it tomorrow
i really want to get this job
2 months work for them??
i think that's the big chance for me to make something new in life

wish me luck
wish i get that job
since only 7 people will be choose to join this program
pray for me...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


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this morning,,i had breakfast at 8.30 am coz i had to wait my roomate. after breakfast, we and also Fia went to international office to collect the registration for "Alien Card"
then So asked us to go to student hall
coz she wanted to take her picture

on the way to the student hall,,we took many pictures
wew... it's very beautiful today

i feel like something good happen today.
actually, i was very sleepy because i just slept at 3 am.

after took many pictures, we went back to the international office then to our room
i really wanted to sleep, but...
i uploaded the photo that we just took.....

i changed my profile picture and tagged everyone.

at 11.30 am
we had lunch then went to class
that was the best lunch i ever had here
i ate crab,,vegetables,,kimchi,,soup,,
very tasty..


my 1st class was very interesting
so, i'll take this class "Web & Design Workshop"

next class is Data Structure
but our web class finished early, so we went to student hall to buy coffee
and waited for our class

at 3 pm our class started
i didn't really like this subject
but i have to take it
so i can transfer when i'm back to uum

at 6 pm
our class finished
i was back to my room
then go having dinner
our dinner is quite delicious because we got seaweed

after dinner,,
me and fia waited her buddy "Su Jin" to go out
we wanted to go buy many things
we waited her in lounge but until 7 pm, she didn't come up
so, we decided to go back to room

but when we wanted to go into the lift, Su jin was coming into lift, too
i was back to my room and prayed

after i done, we go to market near the Daejeon's south gate
very nice outside

first, we searched strawberry
because so many strawberry now
the strawberry here isa very nice
it's big and sweet

after we got the strawberry
we looked for other things
many things that i have to buy
but my money?????

we back to dorm
but before that
we eat dog blo gi
it was very nice

Su Jin was the person who recomend us to eat this
and that's true
it's veryyy delicious
maybe tomorrow i'll back to that store

i really love it
when we eat that, Ajjumma (auntie who sell the dog bol gi,,but the meaning of ajjumma is aunty,,ajjumma isn't a name) gave us free fish
it's very tasty
i wanted more and more but my stomach was full

after that, we walked into our dorm
but in the middle of way
Su Jin came back to her house

then we back to our room

i didn't know what to do
so, i just online
and also eating my strawberry
hmmm delicious

when i was online with Clyde (from Filipino), He said that there were snow outside
he asked me to go out
then that was true

i was scream very loud to all my friends "hey...there is snow,,come and see it"
because this was my first snow
then So took a video of me

So asked me to go down and met others
we went to outside then took many pitcures
it was so beautiful

at the beginning the snow isn't too heavy
but....after a few minutes
it became heavy

it was very cold
i thought it was -0,0 degress celsius something
when i talked, there was something like smoke come from my mouth
it was very very very cold
my hand was freezing
but i really like it very much

this is the best day in my life
having snow when it was impossible that the snow would come...
i thought 4WI gave me welcome snow because i'm here in Daejeon
this was a special gift for me..
kamsahamida 4WI

but...the snow wasn't too long
they stopped at 11.40 pm
but that's ok
i'll see the snow again on December
i hope the snow'll come on my birthday,,December 1st 2009

if the snow show up on that time
that will be the biggest gift in my life

today is very good
many experiences that i get

kamsahamida 4WI

Monday, 23 March 2009

orientation day

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i woke up at 6.30 am
then i took a bath
after i've done, i called Princess (my roomate from Filipino) to wake up
because we have to ready at 8 am to have breakfast

after breakfast, we go to international office to have welcome greetings from the officer
then we took korean test

to know our korean level
that was easy one..
i could answer all except number 19 & 20 coz i didn't know the meaning

if i knew the meaning, i could answer the question.
and got the full mark......
i want to make 1st impression to my lecturer that i understand basic korean

then after test...
we opened bank account with my buddy "Kim Kun Woo" but i call him "Jun", that's his english name.
he is very nice and always takes care of me...

then we go for lunch
this is the worst lunch i ever had because all the food made by pig.
so, i only can eat kimchi and soup..
it's very bad


now it's time to us to go around campus
to see where our class is

we go to library
well, nice library
we have to serve chair if we want to study there by using a machine
actually, i can't understand how to use it because all the instruction is in Korean
hiks hiks....

i have to learn more about Korean.....
i have to speak Korean..

then after the campus tour, me and Jun drank a coffee together inside the students hall
after that we went back to international office to meet other friends

after a long discussion with Jun, Princess,So, Clyde, and princess' buddy, we decided to go to down town to buy something
then we waited for the bus to go there.

when on the way to that store, Jun told me many things about his hometown and also Korea
i'm very interest to his story
he asked me to go to mountain with him someday to see the Sakura festival when spring time.
i said "yes, that's very nice. we can enjoy the environment there..hmmm... i can't wait to go there with u..that must be beautiful.."

after we shopped, we back to campus.
then i went to my room then online for a while coz i had to wait princess...
after that i went for dinner
nice food..

then i back to my room
online again...

that's my activity during this day...
i love this day coz i meet many new people...

감 사 합 니 다

1st day in South Korea

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it's very cold outside
the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius

after we gathered in Incheon Intl Airport
we took a bus to go to Daejeon
but in the middle of my journey

we stopped at a restaurant
this is the 1st time, i ate kimchi (the most favourite food in Korea)

after we ate, we went to Daejeon

Daejon university is very nice
i really happy to be here

we went to our room
i've 2 roomate
they are from Thailand and also Filipino
they're nice

then i keep my things inside the cupboard
and clean up my room also

after that i took a rest for a while until 5 pm
then...we had our dinner indide the cafetaria

wew....the food wasn't too good
but i tried to eat that coz if i can't eat, i'll get sick later

when our dinner was finish, we went to walk around the dormitory
and bought some snack

and i was back to my room
but couldn't too long coz i had to share with my roomate
then i had a chit chat with other friends..

at 11 pm
i went to my bed
and said good nite to my new room
then fell a sleep until morning....

20 March 2009

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i made a decision to go to KLIA alone
i couldn't go if there are my friends beside me.
i'll cry along the journey

at 8am,,
it was raining outside
i woke up then prepared many things
i called the driver to make sure that he would come on time

at 9.30am,,
the driver came and i took all my bags into the car
all my friends helped me
i've to say good bye to all of them
this is the most sad time for me coz i've to say bye to them, again....
they waited me until i leave the dormitory

my car went so fastly,,until i leave uum
but in the middle of my journey, i had to go back to uum coz the driver needed to take something in office
after that..
we continue our journey.

i fell a sleep along the way
i was too tired since i couldn't sleep for a week
don't know why..

at 4 pm in KLIA
i arrived in KLIA
then i surfed internet to kill my time

my flight at 9.15 pm
but now??
still 5 hours to go

at 7 pm
me and alex (my new friend from USM) checked in
but u know?
my bag was overweight
31 kg..

after checked in
i just waited for the flight
nothing to do
but i called everyone

at 9 pm
i went to the plane
my plane flied

at 12am
i arrive in Kota Kinabalu
just transit for 1 hour then go direct to SEOUL

my flight was very nice
the food...hmmm...very good
i ate fererro rocher and also baskin n robin
those are my favourite food

at 6.45 am (Seoul time)
i arrived there and met friends from Indonesia

that was a long journey
but i'm happy because i arrive in Seoul safely....

My lovely Year 2009

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This year many things happend.
don't know why but i feel like i'm the only one person who is very lucky this year.

on February 2009
i just received 3 scholarship, until i couldn't make decision.
but finally, i decided to take AUN scholarship to go to South Korea and also Malaysian Scholarship, so i can continue my study in UUM (my lovely campus) without pay anything.

however, i have to do many things before i go to korea.
process my visa, wait for the offer letter from Daejeon, etc.

on March 2009
i can't say much
but this month is very complicated.
about my study, my heart......

but i hope everything will gonna be alright
it's difficult for me to stay away from my best friends.
but they always say to me that i would be ok there, as long as u take care of yourself.

i always remember those words.
i want to be survive here.

i want to make proud everyone.
so i'll work very hard here.

4WI please stays beside me.

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