Friday, 4 January 2013

in the name of rain

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alhamdulillah for the great year 2012. thank you Allah for Your greatest giving throughout the year. none can replace what You have done for me. this beginning of new year is the starting point for another circle of roller coaster life for me. 

i have job, i have boyfriend, i have best friends around, i have happiness with all my little family here, i have money; what should i ask more from You? the greatest ever moment for last year was so meaningful. struggling over many problems; family, myself and surrounding makes me more strong to face anything ahead. once again thank you for all those things; i believe that not many people face the same situation like i do and it makes me different than others. 

what i wish for this year? i only want HAPPINESS. it's too broad i know, but i think You know what i really want to achieve; not just about my career but also my future life. 

stuck in somebody's shoes...... i hope this is not the reason not to develop myself more. i just want to be like all girls in my age; laughing, gossiping and traveling without thinking i will run out of money or others matter. can i have this moment? may i just try for sometime?

having two faces in the same time..yes... it's tiring!! keeping your face up while burning out all the raw ingredients inside sounds good but honestly I'm fed up already.

warmness... where are you? can somebody help me to turn on the fire for me? it's too cold here.


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