Friday, 22 May 2009

just want to cry

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why in this world we have to be separate with the one who really close with us?
why every meeting will end with say good bye?
dunno why i feel so sad today
someone who i already consider as my brother has to be very far from me
again...again...n again...
i feel so lonely
i have to be separate again with the person that i love

i just meet my brother even if it just a short time, but i feel really close with him
maybe if my real brother is still alive, his age is the same as my brother in here
but i can't do anything
coz he has to do it for his future
i just can say "힘내세요" for your new job
i hope u can enjoy it n make a lot of money
n treat me when i go to Seoul

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lagu rindu

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Bintang malam katakan (sampaikan) padanya
Aku ingin melukis sinarmu di hatinya
Embun pagi katakan padanya
Biar ku dekap erat waktu dingin membelenggunya

Tahukah engkau wahai langit
Aku ingin bertemu membelai wajahnya
Kan ku pasang hiasan angkasa yang terindah
Hanya untuk dirinya
Lagu rindu ini kuciptakan
Hanya untuk bidadari hatiku tercinta
Walau hanya nada sederhana
Ijinkan ku ungkap segenap rasa dan kerinduan

suddenly gw jd suka bgt lagu ini
smua temen2 gw pda nyanyi lgu ini buat gw d web cam
terharu bgt gw
makasihh yahhhh smuanya
sumpah I MISS U GUYS

ga pernah kbayang ada org yg bakal nyanyin lgu kaya gini bwt gw
lirik yg simple n dalem bgt
sedihhhhh....senang..........campur adukkkk

*makasih buat:
nak2 co dulu yg tgl 10 May 2009 tepatnya di kamar lutfi [jam 1 pagi lewat2 gtuhh mpe jm 2 lwat kali yahh]
padahal niatnya cm telpun ajahhh,,ehh malah diajakin web caman m lutfi

bwt lutfi (yg uda idein buat web caman)
bwt yalza (yg uda nyanyiii n ngidein lagu jg)
bwt israr (yg uda maen gitar...mmbuat lgu itu mkin enakk di dengerr)
bwt ari (nakkk...bundoooo nihh kgn m kau nakk..plg kampung[bali] g ajak2 bundoo)
bwt omar m apis (ni org2 cm jd figuran doank)

nak2 cewe tgl 12 May 2009 tepatnya di sebuah apartment di KL [jam 1 an juga(set dahh kompakan y jamnya mpe lagunya jg sama)]
bwt tia (yg uda ngidein buat web caman n nyanyi juga)
bwt dora (y ampunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn rumet gw,,makin aneh aje,,,tp dya uda nyanyi juga)
bwt ririn ( bocah jg ikutan nyanyiiii)
bwt amel (hmmm..tba2 dya menghilang n muncul lg)
bwt dian (mkasi td ude dbantuin ngrjain jva gw...heheheh....)
bwt ia (dye mah nampang doankkk)
bwt syapa lg yahh??
kayanya udah ....

MAKASI bwt smuanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

luv u guys!!!

Lagu Rindu - Keris Patih

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Radio PPI Dunia

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ngutip dr e-mail yg nyampe k e-mail gw:

Radio PPI Dunia adalah radio
online atau radio streaming yang digagas oleh aliansi Perhimpunan
Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) sedunia.

Kelahirannya diinisiasi oleh momen
Simposium Internasional yang akan digelar di Denhaag, The Netherlands,
3-5 Juli 2009.

Tanggal 18 Mei 2009, Radio PPI Dunia akan dilaunching dengan menggelar siaran 24 jam non stop dari 8 negara: Belanda, Jerman, Rusia, Korea, UK, Malaysia, US, Mesir.

Untuk teman-teman yang ingin bergabung menjadi penyiar atau DJ, silakan kirim email ke radioppidunia@ cc: masboi@yahoo. com.

Silakan bergabung di Group Radio PPI Dunia lewat http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=79631044 131&ref=mf

Monday, 4 May 2009

떡볶이 [ Tteokbokki]

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my favourite korean food
made by rice and also fish
it's very delicious

usually they sell it in the street
so many 떡볶이 stall near my campus

my buddy will make it for me
maybe this week
저는 떡볶이를 아주 사랑합니다 [i love Tteokbokki much]\

How to make???

ngredients: rice pasta (200 grams), eomuk (40 grams), cabbage, green onions, and other vegetables

Broth: anchovies (20 grams), sea kelp (10 grams), 1 clove ginger, 3 cloves garlic, 4 cups water Sauce: red pepper paste (2 tablespoons), sugar (1 tablespoon), soy sauce (1 teaspoon)


Saut’s anchovies briefly to reduce fishy taste. Add sea kelp, ginger, garlic, and water, and boil for 20-30 minutes. Strain the broth.

Scald rice pasta pieces in boiling water.
Cut eomuk into bite-size pieces. Add red pepper paste sauce to the boiling broth.
Add rice pasta and eomuk, and simmer over low heat. Various vegetables can be added based on personal preference.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


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"forgive and forget, that's what they say.
Is good advice, but not very practical.
When someone hurts us, we hurt them.
When someone mistakes, we want to be right.
Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled, old wounds never healed.
And the most we can hope is that one day we will be lucky enough to forget"

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


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very bad day today

ohhhh shitttttttttttt...

Dear Ni,

Thank you very much for your keen interest to contribute to the work of UN-APCICT.

Unfortunately, the competition for internship was very high, thus making the selection extremely tough for us.

Everyone we met was equally driven and passionate and if the slots were not limited to seven, we would have accepted everyone as our interns.

Although we will not get a chance to work together this time around, we are positive that our paths will cross again.

We also know that very bright future awaits you. So please stay driven and passionate and more importantly, stay in touch.

We wish you the very best luck in your future endeavors.

Best Regards
Steve Jeong

(Asian and Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology for Development)
Tel. (82-32) 245 - 1700 ~ 1702
Fax. (82-32) 245 - 7712

bad day

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i started my life today with joining the English class
but all of the students are mostly Korean
i dunno why i just want to come since i woke up very early

i went there with Nasikun
and we learned about how to use in, at, on.....
after the class we went to canteen to have breakfast

then i read again data structure because i have exam today
but suddenly i look my roommate's homework
and at that time, i had an idea to edit my design homework
and i just do it in less than one hour
but the output is not too ugly as i thought

then i ran to the class and skipped my lunch
i knew i was late

in the class we watched everyone work
wow,,their work is so nice
i love those things
and i felt so regret because i couldn't use my time wisely to do my homework

feeling so blue

after the class i went back to my room
i prayed and went to the class again
we started our mid on time

but when i saw the question
i felt something in my head
my heart said that "it's very difficult,,i can't do it"
since then i just think how i can answer all the questions

i tried my best
but i guaranteed that i just get less than half of the score
i feelllllllll really reallly dissapointed of myself

i will become an engineer
why i can't solve these program???
dunno lah
but i still have 4 more chances to increase my grade
hopefully i can do it

Monday, 27 April 2009


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널 잃은 아픔에 찢어진 가슴에
A heart shattered from pain of losing you
텅빈 내 마음에 난 이제 어떻게 살아
With my void heart, how can I live on
널 잃은 아픔에 찢어진 가슴에
널 잃은 아픔에 찢어진 가슴에
A heart shattered from pain of losing you
텅빈 내 마음에 한없이 슬퍼지는 오늘
With my void heart, this is one sad day

토요일 밤에 바로 그 날에
On the day of Saturday night
토요일 밤에 떠나간 그대
You left me on a Saturday night

이 슬픈 노래가 날 울려
The sad song makes me cry again
널 생각하면서 난 불러
I sing it thinking of you
웃다가 울다가 또 지쳐
Laughing, crying, it wears me out
술에 취해 비틀거리는 이 밤
This night I stagger in drunkness

떠나가는 그대를 기억이 나
I remember you leaving me
이 무너지는 내 맘을 너는 혹시 알까
Do you know of my breaking heart
멀어지는 그대를 지우고파
I want to erase you walking away
나는 애를 쓰고 애를 써도 그게 잘 안되
I try so hard but its not so easy

널 잃은 아픔에 찢어진 가슴에
A heart shattered from pain of losing you
텅빈 내 마음에 난 이제 어떻게 살아
With my void heart, how can I live on
널 잃은 아픔에 찢어진 가슴에
널 잃은 아픔에 찢어진 가슴에
A heart shattered from pain of losing you
텅빈 내 마음에 한없이 슬퍼지는 오늘
With my void heart, this is one sad day

토요일 밤에 바로 그 날에
On the day of Saturday night
토요일 밤에 떠나간 그대
You left me on a Saturday night

사랑한다는 말은 필요없잖아
No need to say I love you
너의 곁에 내가 살아 숨쉬는데
I'm alive like this right beside you
매정하게 나를 떠나간 너를
You left me so harshily
그리움에 지쳐가 다시 목이 매여 와
Yearning wears me out, makes me throat starts to choke

떠나가는 그대를 기억이 나
I remember you leaving me
이 무너지는 내 맘을 너는 혹시 알까
Do you know of my breaking heart
멀어지는 그대를 지우고파
I want to erase you walking away
나는 애를 쓰고 애를 써도 그게 잘 안되
I try so hard but its not so easy

Sunday, 26 April 2009

pusing pusing pusing

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gw pusing bgt
nga sama ujian
presentasiii dll

ada lg coba
yg bkin gw pusinggg bner
tp y uda lah gpp

nasibb mid gw gmna yah??
data structure??
out of control bgt nihhh
suse bner
ga tau apa yg mau gw jawabbb

mid open book??
brrt kn jawabannya g ada di buku tuh
suse deh nih
ga tau
gw pusing

Tuesday come faster faster......
i want to relax my mind
dunno why
it's difficult time for me :(

Friday, 24 April 2009


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sumpe sumpe sumpe
codingan gw g selese2
susa bner sih??
oh my God

masi ada 2 pr lg yg akan menanti dari data structure
n ntah berapa lg dr java programming
ntah brapa presentasi lg yg harus gw jalanin
tiap minggu ada ajjjaaaa

rasanya pgn nangis
cape bgt sbenernya
tp apa mau dikata

Thursday, 23 April 2009

welcome party buat anak2 ASEAN

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ahay ahay ahay
senangnya hari ni
ga terasa uda 1 bulna lebi bbrapa hari tinggal di sini
rasanya senanggggggg,,,sedihhhhhhhh
campur aduk lahh

tp dipagi hari yg indah
muncullah sebuah e-mail yg berkata
kalau hari ini bakal ada welcoming party
setelah 1 bulan menunggu party ini

sebelum party so pastinya ada kelas dulu mpe sore
padahal lg sakit nih eke
gara2 kecapean n krg ist

jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 11.30
waktunya makan sianggg
makan hari ini sungguhhhh enakkk
berhubung td pagi g mkn,,
jadi laperr bner

mie seafud
hmmmmmm yumiiieeee

uda makan lgs cabd deh k klas java
blon apa2 uda dsuru ngerjain exercise
y uda deh terpaksa ngerjain

dah gtu si lect blg gini
:we won't have any mid sem exam and also final exam,,BUT we have a final project and it will be complicated"

oh God
mati dah gw ini
muda2an gw dpt kel yg bner dahh

ude selese kls ini
ane with nasikun plg dulu
solat zuhur
da gtu balik lg kelas tmbahan korea

uda sls klas balik lg dehhh
buat naro buku
trus k intl ofice ngumpul dsana
uda pada ngumpul smua
kita jalan dehhhh

ternyata kami dibawa sebuah resto yg amat sgt dekat dgn dorm
cozzyyy bgt nihh
kami makan

bebekk ala korea,,sup,,kim {rumput laut}my fave food
i eat a lot coz emang bner2 enak
uda sls makan

kita norebang [karoukean]
asooy bner dahhh
nyanyi2 bareng
sumpe stres gw sedikit ilanggg
sekalian joget2 g jelas m anak2 smua

ude abis tuh jamnya
beralih dah ke tempat baseball deket norebang
awalnya gw ogah maen baseball
abis pastinya kaga bisa
tppp karena g nahan ngliat temen2 gw smuanya nyobainnnnnnn
akhirnya gw merasa tertantang nihhh

y uda gw keluarkan duit 500 won=5000rupiah
untuk maen baseball

sumpe asli suse bener
kaga ada yg kena tu bola m gw
tp it was very funnn

gw berfikir untuk rutin dtg k tmpat ini
buat ngilangin stres gw and also melatih maen baseball

ude maen baseball
yg cowo2 and also si pricess (gebetannya si lutfi ma aru)maen tinju2an
ade2 aja tu org2
tp sumpahhh seru

pas duit uda abis
pada pulang deh smuanya
mpe kamar gw membuka ym gw
n mulai lg melihat plurk
lg sepi sekali nampaknya

"lg pd nayri kodok" kata salah stu anak plukers
saking sepinya

ude bosen dgn plurk
gw beralih dgn tugas codingan gw
susa nihhh
tp mesti nyoba
demi menjadi seorg programmer

i hope so

tomorrow my career start
gw bakal di interview m PBB
buat jadi seorang researcher dsana
entah lah gw keterima apa nga
tp semoga ajahh dehhh

klo g keterima dsana
mungkin masi ada tempat yg terbaik buat gw
klo ga di KIST (Korean Institute Science and Technology) itu tmpat the best research center in Korea
ato ga di tmpat2 research yg terbaik dsini jg

wish me luck tomorrow :))))
tp sumpah gw nervous bangetttttt

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

did i do something wrong??

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ya ya ya ya
dunia ini emang aneh
klo lg diatas bsa seneng bgt
klo dbawah rasanya pgn nangis

emang bner kadang kala pasti ada yg kita korbanin di hidup ini

n gw uda ngerasain hal itu skrg
emang skrg gw dpt apa yg gw mau....
tp disamping itu jg
ada yg ilang dr hidup gw

rasa yg pling bsa bkin org semangat
bsa gila jg

ga tau lahhh
mungkin itu memang pilihan buat gw

yahh...we have to choose it
we'll see later....

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Software Engineering

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i just thinking
and keep thinking all day

what is Software Engineering??
what should i do in the future?

i'm not good in programming
i'm not good in all programming language
how i can be the success programmer?

what are my expectation in the future?
what is the interest field about SW engineering??
i dunno

but i really want to know
all i can do now is just study study study and study more
i really want to know

hope that someday i will get the answer

Sunday, 12 April 2009

quote of the day

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well, someone told me about one quotation

dunno why

my heart was stopped and it was like i could not breathe for a while

he said :

"if u try hard, there is possibility u don't get it. but if u don't try u perfectly failed"

i can get deep meaning from this statement

but for sure he had given me the new thinking of life
before he said like this,
i only think about "if you want to get the best things in your life, you have to do it even if you have to sacrifice many things"

you taught me a new thing

Sunday, 5 April 2009

assignment ohh assignment

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so many assignment this week
i feel like i want to die
i can't finish all of those things
but i will try my best

i don't want to disappoint anyone
i want to be the best student
will i?
i feel like i can't do it

my data structure project
that's the biggest problem
i want do it ASAP
so, my head won't think about that again n again

God please give me the way out

Eating time

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yesterday (April 4th 2009)

hmmm..i felt so happy
dunno why
maybe yesterday i had a small party with all member of ASEAN students

after i had lunch
me, So, Princess, and also So's buddy went to Home Plus near the bus express terminal
there, we bought so many ingredients to make spaghetti and also some snack
we bought a lot of things

u know wat??
when i saw Hello Kitty's stuff
i felt like i really missed her
i love Hello Kitty when i was in the 6th grade of elementary school
it was many years ago

the 1st thing i did was pick some of the stuff
like book, mouse pad....
so many things that i bought
but i was very happy

it seemed like i just met my old friend
dunno why
but that's my feeling

after shopping
we went back to dorm then start cooking

well, it wasn't too delicious
but i really happy if they can eat all of these things

at 8pm
we went to lounge in the 1st floor
we gathered there

after the spaghetti were done
Our Korean friend came and gave us apple and pear
it so big and very sweet
i love it
he said that near his house there are so many apple
so i answered like this,,may i go to ur house and pick some apple, please?
he just laughed

then after the party was over
we backed to our room
and we give all boys jobs
they had to clean up all the spoon,chopstick,plate, glass
i said to them "girls cook but boys clean up"

Sunday, 29 March 2009


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sumpah yah hari ini
shitttt bgt
smuanya itu sama ajah
semuanya itu cma bikin gw bt bgt
napa sih??
ahhhhhhhh sucks idup gw

ga dari kecil mpe sekarang pun kaya gtu
apa gw ga bsa nenangin diri gw selama 10 bulan aja dsini?
knapa malah makin banyak masalah sihh??

gw dah berusaha dari kecil untuk survive
untuk bsa kaya sekarang
knapa skrg gw ga boleh nikmatin itu??
apa itu salah?

gw kerja keras dapet itu semua dari semenjak gw nginjek di bangku tk
gw korbanin umur gw 1 tahun byr gw bsa masuk skolah yg..ahhh..membuat gw jadi telat masuk kuliah
n telat2 yg lainnya

gw les disana-sini mpe malem cma buat dpetin apa yg gw mau
lo pikir gw ga cape apa?

tp gw seneng
skrg gw dapet apa yg gw mau
gw cma mau ngerasa bahagia disini
then when gw balik
gw bsa siap untuk kerja keras lg mempertahankan apa yg dah gw punya
lo kira itu gampang apa?
salah bgt

makasih dah buat hari gw jadi semakin hancur
padahal sebelum ini
udah amat sangat hancur

Thursday, 26 March 2009

very windy today

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don't know why today there is so much wind
that makes the weather become very cold
it's about 6 degrees celsius

i dont know tomorrow
said that tomorrow the weather will be -1 degrees
i'll be freezee

my life today is so interesting
i got the lovely lecturer
she is nice and beautiful
i love her,,her nick name is chujo
she is my java lecturer

it makes me to stay in class
i dont want go anywhere when she talks
i really want to concentrate her lecture

after class i go to my room
to take a rest

at 3.10 pm
my buddy called me
he said that he wanted to come to my room with his friend
i said "ok, u can come. i have nothing to do now"

then i went to hendro's room to take pisang sale from bandung
i love it,,it's very delicious

at 3.30 pm
my buddy with his friend came
and we had interesting talk
his friend is a little bit cute, but his english isn't too good, so i couldn't talk to him much
oohhhhh......but, he's single..ahay.....i love this

i made them tea [sariwangi tea which is the delicious tea, i think]
then we ate pisang sale and some snack that they brought for me
oohhhh...they are so kind
u know what??

they said that it was nice if we bring some food to the person if we want to go to his/her house.
it's a new culture that i learn this afternoon
they said "it's polite if u bring something"

we talked about many things
about indonesia, but mostly korea
coz i really want to know more about korea
it's my chance to have more knowledge now
so i don't want to waste my time here

also, i learned hanguel from them
ahhh....they are nice teacher

hmmm...they like pisang sale much.....
so i gave them 1 plastic of pisang sale
and also 1 indomie
i asked them to try indonesian noodle
and they said "wew....i'll try it. thank u so much. later, i'll give u the best korean noodle "
well i was so happy to hear that because they accepted my gift even if it isn't too much

at 6pm
they came home
then i went to the cafetaria to have dinner
after that i was back to my room and did my essay

but unfortunately, i couldn't make it since i still blur with the topic
i searched in the internet and got the best book
hmm..maybe tomorrow i'll read more and write something coz on 30 march, i have to submit it

i have to make it
i want that job
work for United Nations
it'll become my biggest chance and also experience in my life
4WI please stays beside me
give me more strength and also knowledge to do it

thanx 4WI

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

very cold,,tired,,hmm....

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it's very cold this morning

last night
i had to wear jacket when i slept
use 3 blanket and also socks
but u know???
it still very cold

i don't know the temperature
maybe 0.0 degrees

i woke up at 8 am
then i prepared to have breakfast

today's menu isn't very good
i just could eat kimchi and vegetables
after breakfast, i went back to my room to sleep
but Ms. Che from intl office called to my room
we had to come to intl office coz we would have welcome greeting from Mr.Pyo
also we had Future Asia class

i didn't know that our class was move into this day
i was sleep in class coz i was very tired and also sleepy

after that class we went to office to take our atm card
then we had our lunch

today's lunch menu is very delicious
octopus,,kimchi,,vegetables,,mie soup,,curry

i was already full...
and i'm ready to go to class

we walked to bulding number 2
we got computer architecture class here
our lecturer is very nice
i'll take this subject because i can transfer it
but this isn't my major subject

1.30 pm
the class was over
then i went back to my room
i prayed then online for a while
then sleep

at 3.15 pm
i went to the class
but i walked alone T.T
all my friends already gone.

now, i have data communication class
again, we got a nice lecturer

after the class done
we had small discussion
about the group for future of asia
then we went back to room

i prayed first
then i went to cafeteria with fia to have dinner
out dinner a little bit delicious

but suddenly hendro talked to me about our lunch
u know what??
the curry contains pig
oohh shittt..
i didn't notice it
i thought it just same like curry in malaysia

also, he asked me not to eat the soup
since it was made from pig
so many food contains pig
i don't know how to eat

but i just eat whatever that i can eat
i don't want to be sick here
i really don't want

after eat, me, fia, and other thai people went to the mini market to buy snack
but we couldn't find any good snack
so we went to 7 eleven

i just bought bread
then back to room
everyone came to my room
very noisy but i like it

then i took a bath and also washed my clothes
well....very tired today

i just got my application form to apply internship in UN-APCICT
i want to do it tomorrow
i really want to get this job
2 months work for them??
i think that's the big chance for me to make something new in life

wish me luck
wish i get that job
since only 7 people will be choose to join this program
pray for me...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


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this morning,,i had breakfast at 8.30 am coz i had to wait my roomate. after breakfast, we and also Fia went to international office to collect the registration for "Alien Card"
then So asked us to go to student hall
coz she wanted to take her picture

on the way to the student hall,,we took many pictures
wew... it's very beautiful today

i feel like something good happen today.
actually, i was very sleepy because i just slept at 3 am.

after took many pictures, we went back to the international office then to our room
i really wanted to sleep, but...
i uploaded the photo that we just took.....

i changed my profile picture and tagged everyone.

at 11.30 am
we had lunch then went to class
that was the best lunch i ever had here
i ate crab,,vegetables,,kimchi,,soup,,
very tasty..


my 1st class was very interesting
so, i'll take this class "Web & Design Workshop"

next class is Data Structure
but our web class finished early, so we went to student hall to buy coffee
and waited for our class

at 3 pm our class started
i didn't really like this subject
but i have to take it
so i can transfer when i'm back to uum

at 6 pm
our class finished
i was back to my room
then go having dinner
our dinner is quite delicious because we got seaweed

after dinner,,
me and fia waited her buddy "Su Jin" to go out
we wanted to go buy many things
we waited her in lounge but until 7 pm, she didn't come up
so, we decided to go back to room

but when we wanted to go into the lift, Su jin was coming into lift, too
i was back to my room and prayed

after i done, we go to market near the Daejeon's south gate
very nice outside

first, we searched strawberry
because so many strawberry now
the strawberry here isa very nice
it's big and sweet

after we got the strawberry
we looked for other things
many things that i have to buy
but my money?????

we back to dorm
but before that
we eat dog blo gi
it was very nice

Su Jin was the person who recomend us to eat this
and that's true
it's veryyy delicious
maybe tomorrow i'll back to that store

i really love it
when we eat that, Ajjumma (auntie who sell the dog bol gi,,but the meaning of ajjumma is aunty,,ajjumma isn't a name) gave us free fish
it's very tasty
i wanted more and more but my stomach was full

after that, we walked into our dorm
but in the middle of way
Su Jin came back to her house

then we back to our room

i didn't know what to do
so, i just online
and also eating my strawberry
hmmm delicious

when i was online with Clyde (from Filipino), He said that there were snow outside
he asked me to go out
then that was true

i was scream very loud to all my friends "hey...there is snow,,come and see it"
because this was my first snow
then So took a video of me

So asked me to go down and met others
we went to outside then took many pitcures
it was so beautiful

at the beginning the snow isn't too heavy
but....after a few minutes
it became heavy

it was very cold
i thought it was -0,0 degress celsius something
when i talked, there was something like smoke come from my mouth
it was very very very cold
my hand was freezing
but i really like it very much

this is the best day in my life
having snow when it was impossible that the snow would come...
i thought 4WI gave me welcome snow because i'm here in Daejeon
this was a special gift for me..
kamsahamida 4WI

but...the snow wasn't too long
they stopped at 11.40 pm
but that's ok
i'll see the snow again on December
i hope the snow'll come on my birthday,,December 1st 2009

if the snow show up on that time
that will be the biggest gift in my life

today is very good
many experiences that i get

kamsahamida 4WI

Monday, 23 March 2009

orientation day

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i woke up at 6.30 am
then i took a bath
after i've done, i called Princess (my roomate from Filipino) to wake up
because we have to ready at 8 am to have breakfast

after breakfast, we go to international office to have welcome greetings from the officer
then we took korean test

to know our korean level
that was easy one..
i could answer all except number 19 & 20 coz i didn't know the meaning

if i knew the meaning, i could answer the question.
and got the full mark......
i want to make 1st impression to my lecturer that i understand basic korean

then after test...
we opened bank account with my buddy "Kim Kun Woo" but i call him "Jun", that's his english name.
he is very nice and always takes care of me...

then we go for lunch
this is the worst lunch i ever had because all the food made by pig.
so, i only can eat kimchi and soup..
it's very bad


now it's time to us to go around campus
to see where our class is

we go to library
well, nice library
we have to serve chair if we want to study there by using a machine
actually, i can't understand how to use it because all the instruction is in Korean
hiks hiks....

i have to learn more about Korean.....
i have to speak Korean..

then after the campus tour, me and Jun drank a coffee together inside the students hall
after that we went back to international office to meet other friends

after a long discussion with Jun, Princess,So, Clyde, and princess' buddy, we decided to go to down town to buy something
then we waited for the bus to go there.

when on the way to that store, Jun told me many things about his hometown and also Korea
i'm very interest to his story
he asked me to go to mountain with him someday to see the Sakura festival when spring time.
i said "yes, that's very nice. we can enjoy the environment there..hmmm... i can't wait to go there with u..that must be beautiful.."

after we shopped, we back to campus.
then i went to my room then online for a while coz i had to wait princess...
after that i went for dinner
nice food..

then i back to my room
online again...

that's my activity during this day...
i love this day coz i meet many new people...

감 사 합 니 다

1st day in South Korea

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it's very cold outside
the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius

after we gathered in Incheon Intl Airport
we took a bus to go to Daejeon
but in the middle of my journey

we stopped at a restaurant
this is the 1st time, i ate kimchi (the most favourite food in Korea)

after we ate, we went to Daejeon

Daejon university is very nice
i really happy to be here

we went to our room
i've 2 roomate
they are from Thailand and also Filipino
they're nice

then i keep my things inside the cupboard
and clean up my room also

after that i took a rest for a while until 5 pm
then...we had our dinner indide the cafetaria

wew....the food wasn't too good
but i tried to eat that coz if i can't eat, i'll get sick later

when our dinner was finish, we went to walk around the dormitory
and bought some snack

and i was back to my room
but couldn't too long coz i had to share with my roomate
then i had a chit chat with other friends..

at 11 pm
i went to my bed
and said good nite to my new room
then fell a sleep until morning....

20 March 2009

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i made a decision to go to KLIA alone
i couldn't go if there are my friends beside me.
i'll cry along the journey

at 8am,,
it was raining outside
i woke up then prepared many things
i called the driver to make sure that he would come on time

at 9.30am,,
the driver came and i took all my bags into the car
all my friends helped me
i've to say good bye to all of them
this is the most sad time for me coz i've to say bye to them, again....
they waited me until i leave the dormitory

my car went so fastly,,until i leave uum
but in the middle of my journey, i had to go back to uum coz the driver needed to take something in office
after that..
we continue our journey.

i fell a sleep along the way
i was too tired since i couldn't sleep for a week
don't know why..

at 4 pm in KLIA
i arrived in KLIA
then i surfed internet to kill my time

my flight at 9.15 pm
but now??
still 5 hours to go

at 7 pm
me and alex (my new friend from USM) checked in
but u know?
my bag was overweight
31 kg..

after checked in
i just waited for the flight
nothing to do
but i called everyone

at 9 pm
i went to the plane
my plane flied

at 12am
i arrive in Kota Kinabalu
just transit for 1 hour then go direct to SEOUL

my flight was very nice
the food...hmmm...very good
i ate fererro rocher and also baskin n robin
those are my favourite food

at 6.45 am (Seoul time)
i arrived there and met friends from Indonesia

that was a long journey
but i'm happy because i arrive in Seoul safely....

My lovely Year 2009

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This year many things happend.
don't know why but i feel like i'm the only one person who is very lucky this year.

on February 2009
i just received 3 scholarship, until i couldn't make decision.
but finally, i decided to take AUN scholarship to go to South Korea and also Malaysian Scholarship, so i can continue my study in UUM (my lovely campus) without pay anything.

however, i have to do many things before i go to korea.
process my visa, wait for the offer letter from Daejeon, etc.

on March 2009
i can't say much
but this month is very complicated.
about my study, my heart......

but i hope everything will gonna be alright
it's difficult for me to stay away from my best friends.
but they always say to me that i would be ok there, as long as u take care of yourself.

i always remember those words.
i want to be survive here.

i want to make proud everyone.
so i'll work very hard here.

4WI please stays beside me.

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