Saturday, 18 August 2012

getting hard

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it's already end of august... well, it means that 8 months has been passed by. too many unpredictable and amazing things happen during this period. i am thinking as for now, what i have done, is it following my own plan?

currently, too many things coming out and also i am not be able to entertain those things that pushing me into the deepest level. me is who i am, i am not the other person. hey, someone out there.. i have been choosing to further my study as your wish, do i need to reach the peak?

those kind of things are really disturbing my mind lately. much of my energy are lost due to this circumstances. being a Phd student is not my dream, my only one dream is to have happy life with my own family. i don't need tenure; i need warmness.

i hope you will understand someday and please don't use your ego to keep pushing me.

Friday, 2 March 2012

i hope this is the way for me

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walking away from promising situation requires courage, especially when those you respect insist you're better off sticking with what you know. however, between certain exciting developments & your instincs, your sense you'd SOON trapped. explore. soon you'll BEGIN making changes anyway.

Monday, 30 January 2012

I'm a Dreamer

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January is almost end, one day left before we can say "Hi, February!". Many things were happen during this month: sad, stupid, until the sweetest moment. All were mixing up. I couldn't cry or get angry as usual, the stupidity that i did only can make me laughing to myself.

I could breath much more than usual in this month, not easy as I tought in the beginning of the month. However, with all the passion and willingness about those things comming in, Alhamdulillah I could reach the peak.

As per spoken with my parents yesterday, with their prayer and blessing about my future, I only hope that I can be the one that can make them proud. My first priority is my family now as they already support me through my whole life.

I am a big dreamer; I want this, that and those. "Whatever you dream of, you can make it come true!" I really love this sentence. Anyway, as we know that this is a year of dragon which is my year, so I believe there are abundant of lucks and prosperities will be mine. yayaya, once again I'm a dreamer.

Well, I almost forgot about my traveling activity for this year. Hemm,, SK for sure before end of this year. Else, which country should I print my footsteps on? Let's see and let's make another visas,, hahaha. Happy Traveling!!

Welcome Dragon ^___^

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Granted Dream ^__^

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one week already after new year. well everything is still under control and so lovable! 2011 was full of happiness and fabulous things also, it started and ended with many many GREAT experiences.

i dunno wat to say about the beginning of this year. but then i am so DAMN happy.

this year is my first new year in KL and it was so unexpected and unpredictable. sudah bertahun2 lamanya ga pernah ngeliat fireworks pas new years eve but alhamdulillah tahun ini bisa pergi sama orang yang ga biasa2 aja. entah rasanya mimpi atau apa tapi it was real. i can't share too much about this but that person always know how to make me happy! good point from him.

anyway, thank you for cheering up my new year. 2012 will be the toughest year for me, i think! however, standing right beside him hopefully i can survive :)


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