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We can

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13 May 2010

Welcome to my new project. Yey!!! Today we visited the disable people who do the handicrafts that we need to sell later on. Me, darius and cheng went there together also with Jojo (darius’s buddy). Hemm…since darius suddenly called me and told me that we need to go there, it made me a bit difficult to go out from home because nobody at home. T.T

Then, I waited my mother to come back home. Afterwards, she didn’t permit me to go alone. Actually I know the place and I know how to go there. However, she was too scared. Too many miscommunications happen today.

She can’t speak English and I can’t speak Chinese at all. So, u can imagine what I feel right? Then, I called darius and asked him what she was trying to say to me. Wow…really really many phone calls. I feel like not comfortable with this kind of situation. I’m so sorry really I can’t stand anymore. Really want to cry but I dunno who can tear my tears. Moreover, I can’t make phone call outside China T.T can’t message, too. Well, really good condition.

After that, I knew that darius and others waiting for me nearby my home. Hoooo….his mom drove to pick me up and then sent us to the disable centre.
When we arrived there, we waited for a moment to get permission to meet them.

Furthermore, we visit and look their handicrafts and also how they work.
One thing that i learn from them is whatever and whoever you are, you are useful to others. So, don’t stop to make something which is can make others proud of you. I feel like many normal human aren’t doing the best things in their life. I feel shy and feel so stupid. Sometimes, I become one of the people who I mention just now.

Then, we were looking for lunch. There is a food market nearby the disable centre, so we decided to go there and found some food. We call that place ”nan shi shi pin jie”. There’s a lot of traditional food and restaurant. What I like from this market is there are so many muslim restaurant here. So, I can eat easily. Also, they sell 떡 (tteok) is a Korean rice cake. Yeahh…I love this food so much. Finally, I can eat it again but it’s tasteless.

After walking around and bought some snacks, we went to restaurant and ordered 4 kinds of food. I ordered noodle, and others ordered beef and some vegetables. We waited the food a bit longer, I dunno why. The last food that we got was my noodle. You know what, how big is it???? It’s really big and can be eaten for 5 people, I think. T.T also, the price is sooo cheap, only 10 yuan.

If in my university, I only can get 1 portion of noodle with this price and also not delicious. Buttttt, in Tianjin???? Wew….maybe I can bring my university friend and eat here. Hehehehe…
So many food in our table, I think we can’t finish it. Yepp… it’s true. My noodle…ohhhhh….i can’t eat anymore.

after finishing our food, we went back to the center and talk with the head of the disable center about our program.

moreover, we walked around the city. we visited ancient culture street to see many handicrafts and other cultural things in Tianjin. nice..many cute handicrafts there.

then, we went shopping to wu mart since tomorrow we planed to cook Indonesian food in darius's homestay. whoaaa...we bought many things since we planed to cook 4 different dishes. pisang goreng, tahu goreng, sayur tumis and rujak. ^___^ i love those food.

after shopping end we going back home, but before that we went to carrefour to look other ingredients. however, we found something funny there about the english translation in the deposit box for bag. i can't imagine how come they can put many error words for the instruction in the deposit box..but,it quite funny...

it's time to go back. we searched for the bus station. when we went out from carrefour, we saw a seller who sell crocks shoes,'s kinda cheap, so we buy it. it's only 20 yuan (around 8rm) shoes...alhamdulillah

then, we waited for the bus...and arrive home safely


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