Monday, 23 March 2009

1st day in South Korea

Posted by Nyomie at 3/23/2009 09:46:00 pm
it's very cold outside
the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius

after we gathered in Incheon Intl Airport
we took a bus to go to Daejeon
but in the middle of my journey

we stopped at a restaurant
this is the 1st time, i ate kimchi (the most favourite food in Korea)

after we ate, we went to Daejeon

Daejon university is very nice
i really happy to be here

we went to our room
i've 2 roomate
they are from Thailand and also Filipino
they're nice

then i keep my things inside the cupboard
and clean up my room also

after that i took a rest for a while until 5 pm
then...we had our dinner indide the cafetaria

wew....the food wasn't too good
but i tried to eat that coz if i can't eat, i'll get sick later

when our dinner was finish, we went to walk around the dormitory
and bought some snack

and i was back to my room
but couldn't too long coz i had to share with my roomate
then i had a chit chat with other friends..

at 11 pm
i went to my bed
and said good nite to my new room
then fell a sleep until morning....


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