Monday, 23 March 2009

20 March 2009

Posted by Nyomie at 3/23/2009 09:04:00 pm

i made a decision to go to KLIA alone
i couldn't go if there are my friends beside me.
i'll cry along the journey

at 8am,,
it was raining outside
i woke up then prepared many things
i called the driver to make sure that he would come on time

at 9.30am,,
the driver came and i took all my bags into the car
all my friends helped me
i've to say good bye to all of them
this is the most sad time for me coz i've to say bye to them, again....
they waited me until i leave the dormitory

my car went so fastly,,until i leave uum
but in the middle of my journey, i had to go back to uum coz the driver needed to take something in office
after that..
we continue our journey.

i fell a sleep along the way
i was too tired since i couldn't sleep for a week
don't know why..

at 4 pm in KLIA
i arrived in KLIA
then i surfed internet to kill my time

my flight at 9.15 pm
but now??
still 5 hours to go

at 7 pm
me and alex (my new friend from USM) checked in
but u know?
my bag was overweight
31 kg..

after checked in
i just waited for the flight
nothing to do
but i called everyone

at 9 pm
i went to the plane
my plane flied

at 12am
i arrive in Kota Kinabalu
just transit for 1 hour then go direct to SEOUL

my flight was very nice
the food...hmmm...very good
i ate fererro rocher and also baskin n robin
those are my favourite food

at 6.45 am (Seoul time)
i arrived there and met friends from Indonesia

that was a long journey
but i'm happy because i arrive in Seoul safely....


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