Thursday, 26 March 2009

very windy today

Posted by Nyomie at 3/26/2009 07:34:00 pm
don't know why today there is so much wind
that makes the weather become very cold
it's about 6 degrees celsius

i dont know tomorrow
said that tomorrow the weather will be -1 degrees
i'll be freezee

my life today is so interesting
i got the lovely lecturer
she is nice and beautiful
i love her,,her nick name is chujo
she is my java lecturer

it makes me to stay in class
i dont want go anywhere when she talks
i really want to concentrate her lecture

after class i go to my room
to take a rest

at 3.10 pm
my buddy called me
he said that he wanted to come to my room with his friend
i said "ok, u can come. i have nothing to do now"

then i went to hendro's room to take pisang sale from bandung
i love it,,it's very delicious

at 3.30 pm
my buddy with his friend came
and we had interesting talk
his friend is a little bit cute, but his english isn't too good, so i couldn't talk to him much
oohhhhh......but, he's single..ahay.....i love this

i made them tea [sariwangi tea which is the delicious tea, i think]
then we ate pisang sale and some snack that they brought for me
oohhhh...they are so kind
u know what??

they said that it was nice if we bring some food to the person if we want to go to his/her house.
it's a new culture that i learn this afternoon
they said "it's polite if u bring something"

we talked about many things
about indonesia, but mostly korea
coz i really want to know more about korea
it's my chance to have more knowledge now
so i don't want to waste my time here

also, i learned hanguel from them
ahhh....they are nice teacher

hmmm...they like pisang sale much.....
so i gave them 1 plastic of pisang sale
and also 1 indomie
i asked them to try indonesian noodle
and they said "wew....i'll try it. thank u so much. later, i'll give u the best korean noodle "
well i was so happy to hear that because they accepted my gift even if it isn't too much

at 6pm
they came home
then i went to the cafetaria to have dinner
after that i was back to my room and did my essay

but unfortunately, i couldn't make it since i still blur with the topic
i searched in the internet and got the best book
hmm..maybe tomorrow i'll read more and write something coz on 30 march, i have to submit it

i have to make it
i want that job
work for United Nations
it'll become my biggest chance and also experience in my life
4WI please stays beside me
give me more strength and also knowledge to do it

thanx 4WI


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