Tuesday, 28 April 2009

bad day

Posted by Nyomie at 4/28/2009 09:16:00 pm
i started my life today with joining the English class
but all of the students are mostly Korean
i dunno why i just want to come since i woke up very early

i went there with Nasikun
and we learned about how to use in, at, on.....
after the class we went to canteen to have breakfast

then i read again data structure because i have exam today
but suddenly i look my roommate's homework
and at that time, i had an idea to edit my design homework
and i just do it in less than one hour
but the output is not too ugly as i thought

then i ran to the class and skipped my lunch
i knew i was late

in the class we watched everyone work
wow,,their work is so nice
i love those things
and i felt so regret because i couldn't use my time wisely to do my homework

feeling so blue

after the class i went back to my room
i prayed and went to the class again
we started our mid on time

but when i saw the question
i felt something in my head
my heart said that "it's very difficult,,i can't do it"
since then i just think how i can answer all the questions

i tried my best
but i guaranteed that i just get less than half of the score
i feelllllllll really reallly dissapointed of myself

i will become an engineer
why i can't solve these program???
dunno lah
but i still have 4 more chances to increase my grade
hopefully i can do it


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