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March 2009 inside and outside

Posted by Nyomie at 2/28/2010 11:00:00 pm
why suddenly i really want to write something here about March 2009? me too i dunno, i just want to type everything that i did last year.

last year, we (PPI students) prepared for the Leadership gathering camp that held in UUM (my univ). we all busy with that program, until many of us stress. that program was on 5-7 March 2009. even if only 3 days and 2 nite but all PPI students from Malaysia came to my univ. u can imagine how many people came?

from that moment i knew many new students and other people that i never talk or know before. moreover, that camp made all of us work together and be united. well, so nice program.

also, from that moment, i knew something that it made me feel curious and really want to know. i could feel that someone was watching on me. always took care of me, even if only small things.

because i was too curious, i tried to get closer with him and searched for information. not from others but i tried to get it by myself.

two things that i still remembered what he said in that camp.
1. when we all in "api unggun" time ,, he said like this "Nyom, this is your last program, next year maybe you will get it again". yep, i knew what is the meaning of it. i knew that only a few days before i went to Korea. i could feel what he mean.

2. when something scary happen (kesurupan). i'm the one who really scare about something like that. but, because of my brain couldn't stop to think and really want to know, finally i tried to look to the victims. u know what suddenly happen? he said to me "If u scare, don't try to look it, later on u can't forget it". see?? he always watching every things that i do.

after that program ended, i still really close with him.

then on 15 March 2009, i went to KL to process my Korea visa. i went to Korean Embassy on next day 16 March 2009, i went there really early in the morning. nice embassy, really quite and clean and comfortable. really different from Indonesia Embassy in KL. my visa will be done on Thursday (4 days to process).

actually they almost rejected my visa application because i'm not Malaysian. however, since i had complete information and already have flight ticket, so they accepted me. well, thank you so much ^___^

the nest day, i went to Menara PJH in Putra Jaya to process my Malaysian scholarship. since i must go to korea first, so i asked them to postpone my scholar and finally they said "Yes, u can". wow.... what a wonderful day?? i could go to Korea and also got that scholarship. ^____^ i called my mom about this and she was really happy to hear that.

after that i went to my auntie's house in Negeri Sembilan. it's really near from Putra Jaya. i met her and talked many things. at 8pm i wanted to go back. i took train to KL Central then my brother would take me there.

since i was so stupid and so sleeeppppppyyy, i took the wrong train T.T until 3 times i took the wrong way. so PABO!!!!

suddenly someone message me, it was him. i forgot he asked about what but we talked many things. we sent really longgggggg message T.T,,because of that sms, i didn't sleep anymore. i scared if i take the wrong train again.

then, i arrived in KL Central and run really fast to catch the Monorail. finally, i still can took that monorail. when i arrived in the station, my brother already waiting for me. on the way back, we still kept sending message. then, i arrived at home, finally i can touch the bed,,ohhhh so tired. then, i fell a sleep.

around 3am, i woke up because my stomach really painful, then i read his message, i was so surprise,,my feeling was true. then, i just replied "we talk tomorrow, sorry i fell a sleep"

really in the morning he replied my message "ok, but i have ko k first". i just reply "ok, just call me after u finish"

oh shit, i dunno la,,i felt so crazy at that time.

then suddenly he called me and told me about everything. yepp, but i couldn't answer anything. i thought many times, i asked many people. but my heart couldn't say no. i didn't know why but as long as i know, he's a nice guy.that's why i accepted him.

only 4 days before i went to korea. everything mix. even my heart also, shit!!
until i said to all my friend "don't send me to airport" even with him. i don't want to see other people crying or i cry again. i'm so sorry.this is the right reason why i didn't let other people went to airport with me at that time.

21 March 2009
i flied to Korea. but before that, many things happen. however, all stupid things that i did in airport will remain as my memory. however, other things will remain as my beautiful journey.

8 hours on tired.
but i didn't know that i will transit in Kota Kinabalu, so i called my x-roommate and also him. i talked with him very long, i didn't know i could do that.

22 March 2009
arrived at Incheon airport and met all people from ASEAN countries. and from that moment my journey in Korea was begin...

LOve, Friendship and Knowledge,,everything i got in March 2009. i luv this month, ever!!!


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